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Collect evidence to claim copyright and apply two-tier protection with a digital signature and an invisible watermark attached to your authorized work
How can we guarantee copyright protection?
Biz2Protect has designed two innovative solutions that cover all aspects of copyright and intellectual property protection, primarily in the digital world. One solution involves creating an encrypted set of files which provide corroborating evidence to illustrate the progression of the author's work. The second solution includes digital watermarking applied to different file types (images, audio, video, animated GIF, PDF), so that the files become fully copyrighted and uniquely identified.
In addition to registration with an authorized copyright agency, the establishment of full copyright protection relies on the above two solutions.
Let's go through each of the steps, one at a time.
STEP 1: Collect evidence to claim copyright
Before publishing your authorized work or entering into litigation or legal dispute regarding copyright protection or infringement, you should prepare valid and complete documentation of ownership of the work, patent or trademark. The documentation must contain data on the final product (author's work) and accompanying material on the process of development of that product.
Here are some tips on how to collect copyright files:
  • If you are a photographer, capture the environment you are in while taking a photo; make a selfie, or make an audio or video of what you are going to do;
  • If you are a songwriter, record yourself while composing music and take a screenshot of the multi-channel audio editor;
  • If you are a writer, scan the first few pages of the book you are writing;
  • If you're shooting a movie, include a few "behind-the-scenes" shots;
  • If you're working on a hardware device development, photograph the parts that make up the device you are working on etc.
To avoid abuse, the content testifying to the progression of the author's work must not be exposed or made public. These files should be permanently placed in a compressed (zipped) folder and sealed with an encryption key, which only the copyright holder should be able to decrypt.
Our evidence collection and encryption app enables you to place all images, audio, video and text files associated with the process of creating your copyrighted work in an encrypted and digitally signed set of files with a digital certificate. It is made available for download, sharing and use in litigation and legal disputes. For more information about the app and how it works, please visit this page.
STEP 2: Sign your authorized work with a digital signature
In order to round out the process of establishing full copyright and intellectual property protection, we will act toward the final product by using our two-level protection tool. It includes adding a digital signature and a digital watermark to the author's work.
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The first level of protection is a digital signature used to sign your digital work. The digital signature confirms the digital identity of the file and the authenticity of the file owner. There is one condition though: once it's been digitally signed, the file as a whole must remain unchanged. Even the slightest change in the file results in the removal of the signature (e.g. converting WAV to MP3, or converting PNG to JPG, or any change in file size, resolution, audio or video bitrate, omission of some pages in a PDF file etc.), which implies the need to present the second level of protection - digital watermark.
STEP 3: Add a digital watermark to your work
Digital watermarking is the process of adding an invisible, inaudible and noiseless watermark to your image, audio, video, animated GIF or PDF file. Digital watermark is considered to serve both as a global unique file identifier and as a state-of-the-art copyright protection tool, primarily in the digital world.
Digital Watermarking - Get a noiseless digital watermark embedded in your file as its global unique identifier and copyright protection tool
Digital Watermarking - Get a noiseless digital watermark embedded in your file as its global unique identifier and copyright protection tool
The digital watermark is physically embedded in the file forming an integral part of the whole. No matter what happens to the watermarked file, the watermark remains intact, it cannot be removed or ignored. Our digital watermarking service, along with the evidence collection and encryption app and registration with an authorized copyright agency, paves the way for a state-of-the-art copyright protection solution and the global and secure identification of your work.
We do not register works with copyright agencies, as there are many other professionals specializing in this area. We perform high-tech preparation and processing of files and documentation that you must submit when applying for copyright registration.
To learn more about our evidence collection and encryption app and how to use it, please visit this page.
To gain insight into our digital watermarking solutions, please visit this page.
If you have any other questions, suggestions, or remarks, feel free to contact us anytime.
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