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Before publishing your authorized work or entering into litigation or legal dispute regarding copyright protection or infringement, you should prepare valid and complete documentation of ownership of the work, patent or trademark. The documentation must contain data on the final product (author's work) and accompanying material on the process of development of that product.
The content testifying to the progression of the author's work must not be exposed or made public. These files should be permanently placed in a compressed (zipped) folder and sealed with an encryption key, which only the copyright holder should be able to decrypt. Otherwise, they could fall into the wrong hands and be misused.
Once the documentation has been prepared and encrypted, you need to verify the digital identity of the authorized work and the authenticity of its owner. Finally, you need to apply the procedure of adding an invisible, inaudible and noiseless watermark to the work. Whatever happens to the watermark file, the watermark remains intact, cannot be removed or ignored, and is therefore considered to serve both as a global unique file identifier and copyright protection tool, primarily in the digital world.
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