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Here is why registering your work with an authorized copyright agency is deemed necessary, but insufficient

There is an advantage of registering a copyright pertaining to the ability to recover statutory damages and attorney's fees in a successful action. In the event of a dispute over property rights, however, attaching a registration document does not automatically trigger your winning the case. Registering your work does not mean that you have proven authorship or ownership of that work. By doing so, you are only officially announcing your intention to publicly confirm that the work belongs to you and more or less, that is all you can achieve.
You must take additional steps to fully protect your copyright work, patent, or trademark.
Collect evidence to claim copyright
Gather all the images, audio, video and text files that testify to the different stages of the progression of your work that you will submit when registering with an authorized copyright agency, in litigation, and in legal disputes.
You need to take care of the files that illustrate the progression of your work as you create it, or you may not be able to prove that the work is really yours.
Encrypt your work
Put all the images, audio, video and text files that make up your collection of evidence in a zip file sealed with an encryption key, which only you, as the author of the work, or your legal representative can decrypt. This content must not be exposed or made public.
The file that contains evidence of the creation of your work must be locked with a cryptographic digital key. Otherwise it may fall into the hands of those who might abuse it.
Sign your authorized work with a digital signature
Your authorized work must be digitally signed to verify the digital identity of the work and the authenticity of the owner of the work.
A digital signature is uniquely generated and there is no replacement for it.
Add a digital watermark to your work
In order for your authorized work to be available for further distribution to all digital platforms, PDF books and music stores, audio and video streaming services, stock photo sites and online marketplaces, digitally seal the end product you want to protect with a permanent, invisible and noiseless watermark, while raising data security and credibility to the highest possible level.
A digital watermark cannot be removed from your work
A digital stamp is the perfect way to keep your work copyrighted and uniquely identified, as it can in no way be neglected or removed from your work. The digital stamp is invisible, inaudible, noiseless and unobtrusive, but it will always remain there, as being embedded in your work.
Registering a copyright work, patent or trademark with an authorized copyright agency is deemed necessary, but insufficient
Registering a copyright work, patent or trademark with an authorized copyright agency is deemed necessary, but insufficient
The digital watermark is physically embedded in the file forming an integral part of the whole. No matter what happens to the watermarked file, the watermark remains intact, it cannot be removed or ignored. Our digital watermarking service, along with the evidence collection and encryption app and registration with an authorized copyright agency, paves the way for a state-of-the-art copyright protection solution and the global and secure identification of your work.
We do not register works with copyright agencies, as there are many other professionals specializing in this area. We perform high-tech preparation and processing of files and documentation that you must submit when applying for copyright registration.
To learn more about our evidence collection and encryption app and how to use it, please visit this page.
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